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    Create your own personal home page with thumbnails. We offer a free script comfortable in PHP / MySQL to build its own home page.

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Flip Site Open Source PHP Script Quick Start Page

Are you looking for a quick landing page script? Then you are right. We offer a free script comfortable in PHP & MySQL to build its own home page.

This Quick Start page or speed dial allows you to quickly access your favorite websites to publish.

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Implementation / Configuration

Flip Site is a free open source (OS) system to manage their own websites URLs. This PHP script is easy to use - clear - flexible - can be extended.

Flip Site has an admin interface where you easily and quickly favorites - can include URL to the home page - Bookmarks - websites portfolio s `.

Flip Site Features

What can flip site? With this simple PHP script you can manage your favorite websites or show your visitor your portfolio.

A list of individual functions, see here. Flip Site is an alternative to the quick selection browser / MySQL, PHP was developed with.



features Top pages create

features Thumbs (pictures)

features Thumb size adjustable

features Maximum number of pages

features Maximum number of Description

features Mixed (ORDER BY RAND ())

features Edit / Delete / New to


Installation read

Lizenz GNU GPL

Other Links

Flip Site V.1.0 download

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